What's New: JoomlaDayOtun2024 III is being planned for August, 2024 in partnership with more organizations due to popular demand.

Next Edition, JoomlaDayOtun2024 I & II may hold in March April May & July, 2024. The date  for  being confirmed for JoomlaDayOtun2024 1 while JoomlaDayOtun2024 II has been disapproved.

JoomlaDayOtun is an event meant to harness the capability of Joomla in the community in relation to her having similar techniques to such technologies, hence it's tea party attributes.

Otun-Ekiti is a town known in Ekiti State. It sits in MOBA Local Government (a capacity of about 110sq kilometres and over one hundred and forty-six (146,496).

There are several places of interests in the local government that could attract tourists and they include Ero Dam, Ikun, Oore Monumental Palace, Otun; Eymojo Grave, Osan, Eegun Regelia Costumes, Ikun; and Egi Hill, Igogo.

The thriving industries include Timbre / saw mills, Diary Farms, Plentious Farms etc.

They have a number of schools to their kitty; 8 public primary Schools, 8 private Nursery / Primary schools, 4 Junior secondary schools, 2 secondary schools and 7 Senior secondary schools.

Also available are 3 Primary Health Care Centres.

JoomlaDayOtun has been having growth in ANDREWS UNIVERSITY, ASWANI, Otun Ekiti as development for the new community is being set up.

Venue:    Uptake Farms Limited

Date:        JoomlaDayOtun 2024 I: May 8, 2024 (Awaiting Approval; Joomla Solution Implemented)

                  JoomlaDayOtun 2024 II: 1-5 July, 2024 (Joomla Approved (Disapproved))

                JoomlaDayOtun (Andrews University, ASWANI, Otun Ekiti) 

                 JoomlaDayOtun 2024 III: 23 August, 2024 (Proposed)

Theme:    Strategy Session

It is going to be a Tea party and promises to be engaging and in celebration of growth with Joomla.

  • Obi, Lipton Tea Comparisons vs.coping with what's next? A Quick Review
  • Fish Farming
  • A Strategy Session is expected to commence immediately after JoomlaDayOtun

I want to Attend:

JoomlaDayOtun 2024 II

JoomlaDayOtun2024 II Strategy Session comes after a successful outing in Year 2023.

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