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Event preparation started in September through December, 2023 with trials and putting together sponsors, partners and then the project host notified and technology company, JOOMLA prompted.

This was significant to many other editions that would be growing in with the idea been sustained by professionals having synopsis of what direction the organizer "Daydah Concepts Limited" and "John Oladokun & Co."; a court of law was heading.

The challenge were identified by the players and work commenced in earnest with letter notification to the host, sponsors and partners.

The event is expected to hold on the 24 and 25 August, 2024. More information will be made available.


Sponsors & Partners

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The City, Ado-Ekiti 

Ado-Ekiti is the capital of Ekiti State. It has 16 LGAs and a well known apellation in the past as the "Foundation of knowledge" now revised as "Land of Honour". It's endowment in natural resources are still being explored. These includes feldspar, granite, kaolin, syenite, tatium.

As the capital of Ekiti State, it plays host to the State Government and other arms of Government of the state which is supported by state liaison offices in Abuja and Lagos. It is rich in tourist attraction. These includes: Ikogosi Warm Spring & Erinta falls.

Ekiti State is in the south west of Nigeria bordering on Osun State and located alongside Kogi State and Ondo State.

It's growth over the years has in with a retinue of hotels added beyond that which is known in Ekiti State. These includes Owena Motels Limited, Ikogosi Warms Spring Motel in Ado-Ekiti and Ikogosi Ekiti respectively.

It has dialing code just as other Nigerian cities have as 030. It shares same with some cities in it's vicinity as Ikere-Ekiti.

It also has an International Cargo Airport in Ado Ekiti with an upgrade imminent.

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